Professional Services


You could wrap your car in bubblewrap…but wouldn’t it make more sense to protect your paintwork with Car Care’s Toughseal paint protection product?

Car Care provides the followings types of Professional Services:


Car Paint Protection

Paint Rejuvenation

Includes removal of overspray, bore stains, fine scratches and oxidisation.

Buffing & Polishing

Our trained operators will advise you on the correct treatment of your vehicle’s exterior

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surfaces. No swirls or damage to your paint with our special polishing equipment.

Leather & Vinyl Protection

Protect your leather and vinyl from cracks, spills and fading. Guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Fabric Protection

Paint Protection

The left side has been paint protected

Protect your seats and carpets from spills, stains and soil. Guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Paint Protection

Advanced high gloss paint protection. For that longer lasting shine. Don’t pay the silly prices that dealers charge call us for a quote now and have a detailing professional carry out the work.

Odour Removal

An odour removal system that actually “Removes Odours and Kills Bacteria” – not just masking them temporarily. Click here to find out more.

We’re a mobile car detailing service.

We come to you and we bring our own power and water.

All our franchisees are professionally trained and fully insured

For more information call 1300 227 227 to make a booking or Click Here to make an Online Booking.